Why McDermott

As an employer, we wish to encourage the satisfaction and motivation of our employees, which are key for long-term cooperation with management for the success of the whole company. We therefore believe that the best way is forging a strong corporate culture and benefits allowing us to enrich your daily work with opportunities for education, personal and professional development and social activities outside the workplace. Below you can find out more about McDermott’s benefits and corporate culture.


  • You will be part of a company which, thanks to its complexity, can deliver large-scale projects in a technologically demanding industry
  • You will work on various projects in different roles and learn something new on each time
  • Your English will not simply be confined to the page, but you will rather make regular use of it thanks to cooperation with sister companies or communications with foreign customers
  • Cooperation on a project with teams from international branches and possible supervision on a construction site may provide you with the opportunity to travel abroad, even for a number of months
  • Your workplace will be an office in a modern building complex with areas for relaxation
  • Although flextime is not without its limits, we strive to allow you to better plan your working day in accordance with your needs
  • And let’s not forget a package of other regular benefits and contributions, which includes, among other things, meal vouchers, study contributions and five weeks of holidays

Corporate Culture

Our Vision of the future is built upon two essential ingredients: Purpose and Values. They are simple ideas with immense depth – and will keep us steadfast and focused on creating a collaborative culture, one that is primed to seize every opportunity and transform it into success. McDermott is an international and diverse company, where success is founded on our Values:

  • Integrity – we maintain a firm adherence to legal and ethical conduct. Employees behaving in line with the value:
    • do the right thing… even when no one is watching
    • lead by example
    • respectfully speak up when see something wrong
    • communicate openly and honestly
    • are willing to admit when are wrong
  • One Team – we are one company, where everyone is equally important. We:
    • make decisions for the best outcome of the entire Company
    • purposefully include all stakeholders affected when making decisions; are transparent
    • build a diverse team; the best solutions come from obtaining different viewpoints
    • recognize the efforts of the team and celebrate success
    • share our ideas, best practices and lessons learned; listen and respect other people´s input
  • Go Beyond – we seek courageous and creative solutions. Among examples of desired behavior we include:
    • being open to new ways of doing things
    • teams and individuals constantly challenge each other to stretch beyond the norm
    • employees are empowered and supported to step out of their comfort zone and feel safe
    • individuals are encouraged to develop and demonstrate agility and creativity and are recognized and rewarded for it
    • collaborate to develop innovative solutions
  • Well-Being – we promote all forms of well-being, which means:
    • safety guides all of our decisions
    • it is everyone´s responsibility to act safely and look out for others
    • mental health is as important as physical
    • support work/life harmony
    • protect and preserve the environment and communities in which we live and work
  • Commitment – we are reliable and dependable in delivering quality solutions. This means that we:
    • provide certainty on schedule, quality, cost and safety through clear and realistic plans
    • take ownership and accountability; address problems head on
    • are cost conscious
    • develop our employees
    • accept challenges and look forward to achieving successful outcomes even in the face of adversity